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Internet Safety/Online Integrity
With so many inappropriate websites and Internet temptations, what we do online impacts our lives offline. Covenant Eyes provides Internet solutions to protect your integrity online through accountability and filtering. Learn how the Internet is used in your home. This vendor offers two solutions that can be purchased separately or together.

The Accountability Solution - Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability differs from filtering in that it doesn’t block any websites you visit. Instead, it monitors all the sites you visit and sends a report to your Accountability Partner. Our Internet Accountability software monitors how the Internet is used and sends a report to the person you select, such as a friend, parent or mentor. This online transparency helps you think twice about how you use the Web.

The Filtering Solution - Our Internet Filtering software lets you set time limits and block websites based on age – customizable parental controls for each of your kids.There are plenty of filters out there. Click our link to see what makes the Covenant Eyes Filter stand out above the rest. NOTE: The Filter is only available for Windows computers.

Mobile Devices - Did you know that 35% of adults own smartphones, and nearly one in five searches made from mobile devices are for pornography? This vendor offers a solution that will work on most mobile devices.


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