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Lead Your Church in Online Protection

Pastors around the world agree that families are being assaulted by sexual content online. It’s hurting marriages, harming kids, and killing their spiritual lives.


That is why the UPCI has selected Covenant Eyes as an Internet protection partner.




Special Discount for Pastors and Church Leaders

Lead by example and talk to your congregation about how you use Internet Accountability to protect your home and the homes of your staff.


UPCI pastors, leaders, staff, and volunteers qualify for a $4.00 discount off Covenant Eyes services plus free access to our world-class Educational Resource Portal. In the portal you will find training videos, youth curriculum, sermon series, eBooks, and much more.


How to Sign Up:

Simply follow this special link and you will receive the special discount and access to the free community portal. You can also call (989) 720-8188 or email


Families: Sign up for Covenant Eyes and use this link to receive the first 30 days free.


The Protection Your Church Needs

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and Filtering helps men and women protect themselves and their kids from online temptations.

Internet Accountability removes the secrecy of Internet use on computers, smartphones, and tablets. It monitors the websites visited, the videos watched, and the words typed into search engines. Every site is rated similar to those for video games, such as T for Teen and M for Mature, and sends them in an easy to read Accountability Report. (Internet Filtering is available as well.)

  • For parents, this provides an easy way to keep tabs on their kids and talk to them about making wise choices online.
  • For adults, just knowing someone will see what they do online reduces the temptation to click inappropriate links.
  • When church pastors and staff sign up, it shows their congregation that they care about their integrity.

Need more information? Learn more about Covenant Eyes.


Looking for Protection and Education for Your Congregation and Staff?

Communities Is the Answer

Communities is a free offering to any pastor using Covenant Eyes and provides the following items:

•A Digital Health Assessment – In order to create a customized solution, we use a carefully crafted set of questions to determine the current state of your church or organization’s digital health.

•A Customized Roadmap – Using expertise gained from working with thousands of Christian leaders, we co-develop a list of specific actions you can take to protect your people from online threats.

•Staff and Congregation Discount – Protect your entire staff from digital threats and save $4.00 off the normal family price of Covenant Eyes.

•Staff Training – By learning about pornography’s pervasive impact on God’s people, your staff will have greater empathy for the concerns of the congregation and increased sensitivity for their needs.

•A Sense of Togetherness – Fighting porn alone is difficult and disheartening. Communities creates a sense of connection to like-minded individuals.

•Quality Software – It’s impossible to teach about the gospel of Christ while shackled by sexual sin. Our Accountability software, technical expertise, and customer service team help break the bonds of addiction and protect your staff and congregation from future transgression.

•Free Educational Portal – Community members have 24/7 access to transformative educational resources for families, men, women, and youth.

•Enhanced Church Governance – We help organizations craft policies and procedures that clearly outline digital expectations and paths for recovery.

•A Personal Consultant – Karen Potter and our team of Professional Service Representatives walk with you through every step of your Communities implementation.

•Culture Change – We invite you to join more than 500 faith organizations that are using a Covenant Eyes Community to defeat pornography and turn the tide on sexual exploitation in all of its forms.


To learn more contact Karen Potter, Director of Communities Project, at (989) 720-8188 or via email


Free Resources to Give to the Families in Your Church

Covenant Eyes offers a wide range of free e-books and videos. These are excellent resources to learn about the issues facing men and women as well as their kids online. Here are some of our favorites.

Protecting Your Family Online — This how-to guide for parents shows the challenges of protecting kids online and how to take action today.

UNFILTERED — Watch the 31-minute video online (or buy a DVD workshop kit) to learn how kids are being assaulted with sexual content online.

When Your Child is Looking at Porn — Whether a parent has discovered their child has been exposed to pornography, or whether it’s simply time to talk about it, this e-book will help parents prepare for the conversations.

The Porn Circuit — Why is pornography tempting to adults? Why does its use seem so compulsive? This free e-book shows the science behind why pornography is habit-forming and how to break free.



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