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David K. Bernard is the general superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International, which has 5.1 million constituents in over 42,000 churches in 230 nations and territories. He founded New Life Church of Austin, Texas, out of which 16 additional churches were started under his leadership. He is also the founding president of Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He earned both a master's and a doctor of theology degree in New Testament from the University of South Africa, a doctor of jurisprudence with honors from the University of Texas, and a bachelor of arts magna cum laude in mathematical sciences and managerial studies from Rice University. He has written 37 books that have been published in 39 languages with a total circulation of more than 900,000 copies. In addition, he has ministered in 70 countries on six continents. He and his wife, Connie, have three children and several grandchildren.

  Latest News Bulletin: July 31, 2020


David K. Bernard's books and other materials are available for purchase through the Pentecostal Publishing House.


Digital booklet download: Stategies for Growth


Copy of a letter from the Department of Justice to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Three Days of Prayer and Fasting The World Network of Prayer is calling for three days of prayer and fasting on August 4-6. During this period, please spend some time in prayer and fasting for your nation, its national leadership, and the upcoming election in the US.   National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty Sunday, August 9 has been designated as the National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty. …
General Conference Update The General Board has decided to change the 2020 General Conference to an online format in September. We will be providing more information soon. If you have made hotel reservations you should cancel them.   Sincerely in Christ,   David K. Bernard
General Conference 2020 We are looking forward to General Conference 2020 with minimal impact due to COVID-19. However, due to current social distancing requirements, we need to ensure there is plenty of room for everyone attending. To give us an accurate count, we have implemented a FREE registration portal. Please click here to save your space now!   A Call to Prayer for Our Nations As the United States of America …
General Conference We anticipate business as usual for General Conference 2020 with minimal impact due to COVID-19 restrictions. Currently, the St. Louis Convention Bureau is operating with restrictions of 25% capacity and six-foot spacing for non-related attendees. However, the state of Missouri has removed all statewide COVID-19 restrictions, and local authorities are expected to relax their restrictions. But even under the current restrictions, UPCI has the capacity to move forward with …
Day of Pentecost During a worldwide pandemic and social turmoil, the church continues to have revival. For the Day of Pentecost, the UPCI offered special online services in English and Spanish. To date, we have received the following reports:   Views in English: 48,656 Views in Spanish: 50,105 Holy Ghost Baptisms: 2,294 Renewals in the Spirit: 163 Water Baptisms: 140 Healings: 94 Countries (downloaded or responded): 20 Canada & US estimated views: 35% Global Missions estimated views: 65%   …
Online Service for Pentecost Sunday, May 31 The UPCI Strategic Growth Initiative and the UPCI Evangelist Ministry are partnering to produce online worship services for Pentecost Sunday. These services will be available in both English and Spanish at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Time, Sunday, May 31, 2020. The English evangelist is Doug Klinedinst, and the Spanish evangelist is Mark Drost. A number for texting will be displayed …
Conference Call on the Pandemic Last Thursday, I participated in a conference call with US Attorney General William Barr and US Surgeon General Jerome Adams. They explained that through April 30 we are still in Phase 0 of our response to the pandemic. However, we will soon begin three phases for reopening America. Each state and county or parish can move at its own rate based on positive results in …
COVID-19 and the Church On Wednesday, April 8, I participated on a conference call with President Trump, Vice President Pence, Franklin Graham, and other religious leaders including Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, and Jewish rabbis. At that time, the total of infected persons in the US exceeded 400,000, and total deaths were over 13,000. Of course, these numbers continue to escalate. The President stated that in the short term we still …
A Divine Shift After my wife and I spent some time in prayer and fasting, I feel impressed to communicate this message. We are rightly concerned about the current pandemic and its effects on the economy and on our churches. We are praying for healing, protection, and supply of needs. We are eagerly awaiting the time when we can have normal church services again. At the same time, I believe …
Apostolic Day of Prayer, Friday, March 27 The Apostolic Fellowship Summit is calling all Apostolic Pentecostals to prayer for our nation on Friday, March 27. The Summit is an annual meeting of the seven largest Oneness Pentecostal organizations in the United States, hosted by Urshan Graduate School of Theology. Leaders of these organizations will pray together on Friday, March 27, at Noon (Eastern) via Zoom. Prayer will be focused on each …

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