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Apostolics and the Coronavirus Pandemic
03/20/2020 , David K. Bernard
UPCI General Superintendent David K. Bernard discusses how Apostolic Pentecostals can respond to the coronavirus pandemic in a biblical manner.
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David K. Bernard preaches at BOTT 2020
02/20/2020 , David K. Bernard
UPCI General Superintendent David K. Bernard preaches "Protect the Anointing" on the opening night of Because of the Times 2020 in Alexandria, Louisiana.
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Giving Apostolics a voice in government
02/14/2020 , David K. Bernard
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Pastor Ken Gurley discuss the formation of the National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference and its ongoing efforts to be a voice for Oneness Pentecostals in the halls of government.
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Strategic Planning for the UPCI
10/04/2019 , David K. Bernard
General Superintendent David K. Bernard discusses strategic planning for the United Pentecostal Church International. This presentation was originally broadcast on September 4, 2019, via Facebook Live from the world headquarters of the UPCI.
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General Conference 2019 Election Results
09/25/2019 , Staff
The following individuals were elected to serve during the business session at the 2019 General Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Indianapolis to host UPCI General Conference
09/20/2019 , Church Administration
INDIANAPOLIS – Pentecostals from across North America and around the globe will gather to pray, worship, and conduct business when the United Pentecostal Church International hosts its General Conference on September 24–27 at the Indiana Convention Center.
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Students prepare to serve at NAYC
07/25/2019 , UPCI
Students from across the continent and around the world will gather at The Dome at America’s Center in a few weeks for what has become one of the largest Christian youth events in the nation. North American Youth Congress, which will be held July 31­–August 2, is expected to draw more than 36,000 attendees for three days of worship, preaching, networking, and community service.
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Why We Baptize in Jesus' Name
06/07/2019 , David K. Bernard; David S. Norris
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Dr. David S. Norris, Professor of Biblical Theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, discuss biblical teachings about baptism in Jesus’ name, practical insights about baptism, and some recent scholarship on the topic.
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The Holy Spirit & Tongues
04/24/2019 , David K. Bernard; Jared Runck
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Dr. Jared Runck discuss biblical teachings about the Holy Spirit and tongues as well as related practical considerations. This broadcast was recorded in the UPCI media studio on April 23, 2019.
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Spanish Evangelism Ministries - David K. Bernard & Raul Orozco
03/26/2019 , David K. Bernard; Raul Orozco
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Director of Spanish Evangelism Ministries Raul Orozco discuss the purpose, strategy, and goals of Spanish Evangelism Ministries.
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