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Why We Baptize in Jesus' Name
06/07/2019 , David K. Bernard; David S. Norris
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Dr. David S. Norris, Professor of Biblical Theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, discuss biblical teachings about baptism in Jesus’ name, practical insights about baptism, and some recent scholarship on the topic.
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Current Situation in Sri Lanka
05/17/2019 , Staff
Bro. & Sis. Mathiasz have shared the following regarding the current ground situation in Sri Lanka since the Easter Sunday bombings.
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Gerald L. Vittitow, 1939 – 2019
05/13/2019 , Staff
Gerald L. Vittitow, longtime UPCI minister, pastor, and leader, passed from this life on Friday, May 10, 2019. He served the Calvary Apostolic Church in Louisville, Kentucky, as pastor for forty years. He held many leadership positions in the Kentucky district including district superintendent. Rev. Vittitow was an honorary member of the General Board and was inducted into the UPCI's Order of the Faith in 2018.
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Wayne R. Trout, 1933 – 2019
04/29/2019 , Staff
Wayne R. Trout, longtime minister, pastor, and leader, passed from this life Friday, April 26, 2019. He started the first UPCI church in Delaware and also started Truth and Life Center in North East, Maryland, which he pastored until his passing...
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The Holy Spirit & Tongues
04/24/2019 , David K. Bernard; Jared Runck
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Dr. Jared Runck discuss biblical teachings about the Holy Spirit and tongues as well as related practical considerations. This broadcast was recorded in the UPCI media studio on April 23, 2019.
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Spanish Evangelism Ministries - David K. Bernard & Raul Orozco
03/26/2019 , David K. Bernard; Raul Orozco
General Superintendent David K. Bernard and Director of Spanish Evangelism Ministries Raul Orozco discuss the purpose, strategy, and goals of Spanish Evangelism Ministries.
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News Bulletin - March 20, 2019
03/20/2019 , David K. Bernard
David K. Bernard discusses the ongoing Strategic Growth Initiative, shares victory reports, announces future plans, and more.
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Alonzo Terry: One Man's Story
02/15/2019 , Church Administration
In late 2018, we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to speak with Pastor Alonzo Terry about his experiences as an African American member, minister, and leader of the United Pentecostal Church International.
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David K. Bernard at BOTT 2019
01/26/2019 , David K. Bernard
David K. Bernard speaks at Because of the Times 2019, "Filled with the Spirit."
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Tragic Accident in Gainesville
01/04/2019 , Kevin Cox
Yesterday, January 3, 2019, a van load of people from our UPC in Marksville, Louisiana, (Pastor Eric Descant) were on their way to Orlando, Florida. For some unknown reason, a large tractor-trailer truck crossed the median of I-75 near Gainesville, Florida, and crashed into the church van.
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