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Paul R. Price, 1922 - 2021
08/24/2021 , Staff
Paul R. Price passed from this life on Saturday, August 21, 2021. He was the founding pastor of New Life Tabernacle in Napa, California, and he served as superintendent of the UPCI’s Western District for thirty-four years.
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The UPCI's Racial and Ethnic Affirmation
03/22/2021 , David K. Bernard
We strive for our churches and ministers to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of our society and for our leadership to reflect the diversity of our churches. To this end, we desire to increase awareness and sensitivity regarding matters of race and culture and to create a welcoming environment.
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A Timeline of Racial & Ethnic Affirmation
02/16/2021 , David K. Bernard
A historical timeline of the United Pentecostal Church International's efforts to promote racial and ethnic affirmation.
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30 Days of Prayer
12/22/2020 , David K. Bernard
All churches and ministers are encouraged to participate in the annual 30 Days of Prayer on January 2-31. Let’s pray and believe together that God will do great things in 2021.
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Passing of Pastor Raul Orozco
12/15/2020 , David K. Bernard
We are saddened to announce the passing of Raul Orozco, the bishop of La Senda Antigua in southern California and the general director of the UPCI’s Spanish Evangelism Ministries. Brother Orozco was a member of the UPCI’s General Board and the pastor of our largest church and daughter work network in North America.
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General Conference 2020 Report
10/06/2020 , David K. Bernard
We recently concluded our 75th Anniversary General Conference. Due to the pandemic, the entire conference, including services and seminars, was broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, and the UPCI website. Viewership numbers were strong, with a peak live audience of nearly 7,000 devices tuned to the broadcast and peak service unique viewers of over 114,000.
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General Conference 2020 Update
09/21/2020 , David K. Bernard
Please join us virtually on Tuesday, September 22, at 6:30 PM (Central Time) as we open General Conference 2020. All services, seminars, and presentations will be live streamed at,, on the United Pentecostal Church International Facebook Page, and on the Discipleship Now Network at
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General Conference Online
09/04/2020 , David K. Bernard
Join us virtually on Tuesday, September 22, at 6:30 PM (Central Time) as we open General Conference 2020. All services, seminars, and presentations will be live streamed at,, and Viewers can also watch General Conference live on the Discipleship Now Network. Beginning September 11, Discipleship Now can be downloaded on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, iOS and Android platforms.
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Helping Victims of Hurricane Laura
08/28/2020 , David K. Bernard
Hurricane Laura has wrought devastation in Louisiana and in East Texas, where tens of thousands of our members worship in hundreds of our UPCI churches. We are a body that cares deeply about one another, and we ask for your help.
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Fighting for Religious Liberty
08/20/2020 , David K. Bernard
We live in difficult days. A chief concern is the growing threat to religious liberty. Churches are on the frontline of a spiritual battle and under increasing attack. We witness a rising tide of laws and regulations dealing with sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion on demand, and restrictions to worship and ministry.
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