News Bulletin - September 1, 2017

09/01/2017 , David K. Bernard
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Hurricane Harvey Update

In Texas, 25 UPCI churches and 16 pastors' homes have been damaged or flooded as well as the homes of many other ministers and saints. Both the South Texas District and the Texas District have set up relief funds and have organized teams to deliver supplies and provide labor for cleanup and rebuilding. Other districts and churches are partnering with them. The UPCI has set up a relief fund and will assist churches in coordination with the districts. The two UPCI-endorsed relief agencies, Reach Out America and Compassion Services International, are aiding the affected communities. District representatives are also coordinating efforts with the Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The UPCI Loan Fund is working with churches to defer loan payments as needed, and Points of Refuge is offering guidance to ministers and their families.


Please continue to pray for those in need, and please consider making a financial contribution. Here are ways you can make tax-deductible contributions through UPCI entities:


  1. UPCI Relief Fund. Click here
  2. South Texas District. Click here.
  3. Texas District. Click here.
  4. Compassion Services International. Click here.
  5. Reach Out America. Click here.


Annual Report Online

The 2017 UPCI Annual Report is now online at We will present a summary of the report at General Conference. The full report of over 200 pages includes letters from general officials, minutes of last year's business meeting, and detailed financial statements and schedules for every division and ministry. Here are some highlights:


  • 10,221 credentialed ministers in the US and Canada, a new record
  • 4,736 churches, daughter works, and preaching points in the US and Canada, a new record
  • Total consolidated increase in net assets of over $6 million
  • Total net assets of over $44 million
  • Works in 224 countries and territories, an increase of three


God has blessed us greatly in our finances over the past decade. Here is a graph showing the net assets at the end of each fiscal year.



2008             $11,941,982

2009             $10,499,239

2010             $11,183,696

2011             $13,044,805

2012             $15,504,382

2013             $19,347,368

2014             $23,991,132

2015             $31,264,098

2016             $38,028,274

2017             $44,367,106


It is important to understand, however, that we shouldn't expect a large increase in net assets every year. In the past two years, we have benefited from some large, one-time sources of revenue, including the lease income on our new headquarters prior to occupancy, the net gain on the sale of our old headquarters, and the donation of the Urshan campus. Moreover, our goal is not merely to increase net assets but to use our assets to promote growth. Thus, in some years our expenditures for designated missions and ministry projects may equal our contributions. And in some years these expenditures may even exceed contributions, as we use money raised and saved in prior years.



The resolutions for General Conference have been published online at and in the Forward. However, in the Forward there is a mistake regarding Resolution 6, which was submitted by the Sunday School Division. Some of the formatting was inadvertently removed by the word processing program. Specifically, the sections dealing with scouting, the Christian Educator magazine, and singles ministry should have strike-throughs, showing that the resolution would delete them from the Sunday School policy. (Scouting and the Christian Educator were discontinued in prior years, and the proposal is for singles ministry to operate under Church Administration.) The official online publication of the resolutions is correct. 


Former Headquarters

The Ferguson-Florissant School District has officially opened their new district office and public school at the site of the former UPCI headquarters, World Evangelism Center, in Hazelwood, MO. We are thankful that the building is still being used to benefit the community.


Prayer for General Conference

I urge every minister and church to participate in focused prayer for the 2017 UPCI General Conference this month. Let's seek the will of God for our business meeting, and let's ask for a special anointing upon our seminars and services. As I explained in a previous news bulletin, I believe God is preparing and positioning us for unprecedented revival and growth. We need to hear from God, and we need a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost.


The World Network of Prayer has designated a special time of fasting for September 19-21 and united prayer to observe the World Day of Prayer on September 20. Conference pre-service prayer will convene in the auditorium on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, September 26-29, 6:30-6:45 pm. On Friday, each attendee will receive a free prayer guide, "Pouring Out for the Outpouring," with prayer led by Lee Stoneking and Joshua Herring. Please join us in prayer for "Greater" things that are yet to come!


Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard



Join me for my upcoming Facebook Live interview, September 13 at 2 pm, Central Time. I will give an update on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, share plans for General Conference in Kansas City, and give you a glimpse into my everyday life. 
You may access the broadcast at
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