Fighting for Religious Liberty

08/20/2020 , David K. Bernard
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We live in difficult days. A pandemic has touched the lives of everyone, including many in our fellowship. I pray that the Lord will be with you and protect you, your family, and your church during this time.

A chief concern is the growing threat to religious liberty. Churches are on the frontline of a spiritual battle and under increasing attack. This pandemic seems to have dropped the mask from a culture that grows ever more hostile to Christian beliefs. We witness a rising tide of laws and regulations dealing with sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion on demand, and restrictions to worship and ministry.
National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference
The National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference, or NACLC, is a recently endorsed ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International. Its purpose to build a unified force of Apostolic Pentecostal organizations and believers to influence local, state, and national policies. We have already achieved some success and are participating in some national initiatives that I will share later. By joining the NACLC, you will help us make a positive impact upon our society.

To help our ministers, churches, and special ministries, I am pleased to announce that the NACLC has entered a partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom that has significant benefits for your church, district, or school. ADF has a stellar history of defending religious freedom. It has almost one hundred attorneys on staff and 3,000 affiliate attorneys in the United States. It also reaches into Canada and has an international component. During COVID-19, ADF has assisted over 2,500 churches and ministries across the nation. In fourteen of fourteen cases, they have prevailed. ADF has appeared and prevailed in many US Supreme Court cases on the issue of religious liberty.

By becoming a member of the NACLC, your church can become a member of the ADF Church Alliance. Districts, colleges, schools, and other organizations can also join through the NACLC’s agreement with the ADF Ministry Alliance. The four key benefits to membership are:


  1. Document Review. The first line of defense for a church is to ensure that all governing documents and policies provide protection. When faced with legal action, a church’s governing documents become court documents. ADF will review each member’s governing documents and make recommendations.
  2. Attorney Access. Members can take their legal questions to an ADF attorney for an informed response.
  3. Legal Resources. ADF Church Alliance members have access to a member portal where they can receive all types of legal resources: webinars, training resources, legal guides, etc. ADF also has a media team to assist churches should they be thrust into a media firestorm.
  4. Legal Representation. When necessary and appropriate, members have access to legal representation to face religious liberty threats at no cost.

Because we are in this struggle together, I encourage you to join the NACLC. We are more able to face this struggle together than separately. Even if your church doesn’t face an issue, you will support other churches who do and help to establish legal protections and precedents for everyone. As a benefit of joining the NACLC, you will receive a membership with the ADF Church Alliance at a special introductory rate. The cost is modest when compared to the benefits received. An average-sized church can join for as little as $250 a year. There is also a monthly payment plan. Districts, schools, and organizations can join for as low as $500 per year.

To access this plan, please follow this link and complete the instructions. While this service is primarily for US-based churches, we are working with ADF to craft one that will work in Canada as well.

We want you to have the legal preparation and protection you need in these changing times – and get peace of mind for you and your church. Together, with God leading and guiding us, we can face this threat and worship freely until the Lord comes.  

Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard

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