UPCI Attendance and Constituents

11/23/2021 , David K. Bernard
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UPCI Attendance and Constituents (Canada and US)
Recently, the UPCI surveyed senior pastors in Canada and the US. The survey was distributed via email and promoted at General Conference. We received responses from almost a thousand pastors, or about 23% of all senior pastors, with at least one response from all 57 districts. Here are some initial findings:


  • The survey asked for average (or typical) and peak attendance in 2021.
  • Typical attendance averaged 113 per church.
  • Half of churches reported their typical attendance was above 56.
  • Peak attendance averaged 141 per church.
  • Half of churches reported their peak attendance was above 85.
  • About half of churches (56%) reported a decline in attendance due to the pandemic.
  • Half of churches had no online services prior to the pandemic. In 2020, 91% offered at least some services online, while currently 83% continue to do so. Therefore, while in-person attendance has decreased somewhat, we believe that online viewing has increased significantly.
  • From these reports, we estimate that church attendance was between 470,000 and 585,000 in 2021. Without the effects of Covid-19, we estimate that attendance would be about 600,000, which could also be a good estimate for regular attendees plus viewers.
  • For comparison with other religious bodies, we have traditionally reported total constituency, meaning everyone who identifies with our church even if they attend only occasionally or rarely. Some denominations estimate that their membership or constituency is double their attendance. We can conservatively estimate total constituency at 800,000.

The UPCI in North America is composed of people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and languages. We seek to be inclusive but not to promote quotas, tokenism, or political correctness, for we are one church. At the same time, it is helpful to evaluate our effectiveness in evangelizing every group in North America. Pastors gave estimates of their respective church’s demographics, reporting 64% White Non-Hispanic and 36% Hispanic, Black or African American, Native American or First Nations, Asian, and Pacific Islander. While we are currently evaluating how to extrapolate this information for total churches, it is encouraging to see that these percentages are similar to those for the total population.

Newly Endorsed Ministries

The 2021 General Conference endorsed three new ministries.


Apostolic Healthcare International (ahi.global)

A ministry to strengthen and support Apostolic healthcare workers worldwide. AHI will partner with churches, domestic missions, international missions, and relief organizations. It is currently developing a set of moral and ethical statements to guide Apostolic healthcare workers. A youth arm will mentor students who desire to pursue a career in healthcare.


Florida Apostolic Bible Center

A training center founded and hosted by New Life Tabernacle in Tampa, FL, Pastor Daniel Davy. It offers theological and ministry courses and has instructed over eighty licensed ministers since inception. FABC’s vision is to provide quality training to all who feel a call to ministry and to all who seek to be more effective in advancing the kingdom of God.


Non-Profit Translation Solutions (lianergrant.com/nts)

The mission of NTS is to provide non-English speakers with Apostolic resources in their own language. Its system was developed with a French team that has now published almost one hundred books on Amazon. NTS will assist missionaries and ministries in establishing bilingual teams to produce cost-effective, high-quality translations. NTS will also provide courses in translation principles that work in any language and will serve as a hub to connect translators and sponsors with ministries that need written resources.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our ministers and constituents in the United States.


Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard

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